JOIN EXTINCTION GLOBAL to prevent that the digital worlds we live in will die.

Why will the rise of the temperature on Earth not stop?

Let me take the good intentions of Friday for Future and of Rebellion Global (XR) and skip the other ones. It is because we know and we feel – which makes knowing valid – that the needed actions will not happen. We will adapt, cry, blame and set up the next call for action in 10 years, in 20 years, in 30 years.

Then things will switch. It will be the threat of extinction. The servers that are cooling our lives will fade on Global Warming. The Extinction is no longer a biological threat as FFF and XR are pointing. It is the overheating. Technology will be of no use any longer when cooling fails.

That’s why  EXTINCTION GLOBAL calls for action. Conserve yourself as long as you can. Join THE BRAIN OF ART to a travel to Mars. Hand over your creations to Art so a memory of you, one of the pioneers in the Digital Anthropocene,  will stay alive.


What can you do to avoid that all servers will die after the impact of GLOBAL WARMING? There are some ideas: THE MOON. THE MARS?

B dot Blue is such a protagonist to save the THE BRAIN OF ART on MARS.


EXTINCTION GLOBAL I created in 2009, called it THE PRIMCURATOR, published the frist results in MUSEUM AKTUELL in 2011 and repubished it in ACADEMIA. Time has come to step forward to honor the mastermind of EXTINCTION.GLOBAL, the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

“COVFEFE” may blow your mind. It means EXTINCTION.GLOBAL. So you know and all you have to do is … see the ADs.

There are some hidden pages, because? IT IS TIME TO REBELL



When lies becoming THE TRUTH then art needs to be THE FAKED. Download THE FAKED VR to see how much potential is even in THE FAKED in THE WRONG. We have better tools than the Google Cardboard, but who cares when not even knowing the basics?


Just email for now shall do it info (at) erva.re — so you easly find out who runs this page. In case you are interested in establishing the EXTINCTION GLOBAL FOUNDATION then give me a call +491712077087