Be Disruptive. Be Art. Be Covfefe. Be a part of the EXTINCTION . GLOBAL, the EX.G Movement. You know that only THE BRAIN OF ART can help. There must be a museum for it. For the one who created a new form of Art. It is obvious that this must be a museum for the Disruption, it must be the TRUMP.MUSEUM

The TRUMP MUSEUM has to have two entrances and a third for the art. For such complex thoughts it needs sponsors, right? The mind of such a sponsor is of a special quality. We know it, you know it, he knows it. So let us do it!


The solution was proudly presented at the OSCC19 Opensimulator Community Conference. The roots go deep and they are strong, but this would be a long story. It started with Katatonenkunst in 1969 by Arnulf Rainer. In 1981 William Gibson took the ball and showed us the catatonic world of art in Count Zero. Now media activists embrace the term and say: LET’S MAKE ART GREAT AGAIN!